Enjoying the aquatic environment is one of the most relaxing and fun activities you can do. Alone, with family or friends, there is nothing more memorable than a kayak outing, to get away from the routine and enjoy nature. The inflatable kayak is now practical and efficient.

However, purchasing one of these boats can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a lot of knowledge on the subject. This is why we offer this comparative guide so that you can realize your dream of having a cheap kayak, without affecting your budget.


  1. Stability

Whether you are a beginner or a kayaking expert, you should always check that the design of the canoe provides the stability necessary to navigate safely. At this point, we strongly recommend, in the case of inflatable kayaks, those that incorporate materials that add rigidity to the hull and the inner deck. For example, rigid panels or aluminum arches. If you do not feel comfortable enough with the stability provided by these accessories, we recommend that you buy a rigid kayak.

  1. Comfort

Kayaking involves staying in the water for a long time, so it’s essential that the canoe you choose offers comfort and convenience. At this point, inflatable kayaks with inflatable and adjustable seats are highly recommended, so that you can better adapt them to your size. It is also practical, especially for beginners, that the seats are wide, as they will give them a greater feeling of stability and comfort. Another very important factor in obtaining comfort is that the inner cover protects against abrasion, since this way you can stay outside longer without worrying about friction or burns.

  1. Inflation system

If you have already opted for an best cheap kayak, it is essential that you look at the valve system, which must be of high quality to facilitate the preparation of the kayak, and ensure an adequate level of air at all times. In particular, the Twistlok and Boston valve systems are highly recommended, allowing the kayak to be inflated in minutes. In addition, you can buy those that have air level indicators, which allows you to better control the inflation process and ensure greater stability of the kayak.

  1. Ease of transport

In the case of inflatable kayaks, you must take into account not only the ease of transport once disassembled, but also when using them. For example, those that allow them to be stored in bags or backpacks are highly recommended, because you can transport them very easily. Also, make sure the canoe has a rope or net system on the deck so that you can comfortably carry it in and out of the water.

  1. Accessories

This point concerns the value for money when buying a kayak. In the case of inflatable canoes, it is best to buy one with at least one oar. If not, you will have to spend additional money to purchase this equipment. In addition, kayaks with removable seats are highly recommended, since you can convert them into individual canoes without too many complications, which will allow you to buy two products in one, and at a lower price.

  1. Value for money

Remember that a kayak is equipment that, by its nature, will cost you a little more than any other type of water sports product. Because it is a boat which, as such, must meet minimal design and technology to be functional. However, if you are a beginner and only want to buy a kayak for occasional use, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. An inflatable boat is therefore the ideal option, because you can enjoy the advantages of a traditional rigid kayak, but without having to keep equipment that, in addition to being expensive, would surely take up a lot of space to store it.

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